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An "Adsence Bunny" is a person or group of people from generally poor countries, who use the Google Adsence publisher system for an easy means of collecting free checks and/or hand outs at the expense of Google Adwords advertisers. They love to build websites for the sake of having Google adsence ads incorporated and usually offer poor content in hopes of getting unsuspecting surfers to click there website ads and seem to be quite content with this means of cheap free and fast income. (In extreme cases they will advertise in local news papers about clicking each others ads which cost advertisers millions in lost income annually)

The term bunny comes from the fact that they usually create and multiply, themselves and these cheap websites quickly, thus securing their ability to receive free Google Adsence checks and advertiser money from unsuspecting Adwords clients.
I was searching for information online using search and came to this worthless Google Adsence Bunny site full of nothing but Adsence ads...
by USA Advertiser November 17, 2009
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