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1. An akward person so goofy and charismatic your like hmmm. What would that be like.

2. A Grand Mal orgasm that causes you to lose control of some bodily functions for a short moment in time, generally accompanied by extreme, clownish, facial contortions, squirting from various orifices, and noises you generally only hear from cats at 3 A.M. All your neighbors heard, you set off a car alarm, and you can barely walk. But, you don't care, it WAS THE BEST. Generally occurs during break up sex. Your relationship or someone else's.
She is so goofy and awkward that I was both repulsed, amused, laughing, and aroused. She gave me a goofygasm.

That Ben Shapiro is so dorky, annoying, and repulsive. I want to grab him by his neo conservative ears and give him a hardcore goofy gasm. He'll be wearing a faux, leather, latex jockstrap in NO TIME.

BERLINβ€”Oh my god, I think I had a GOOFYGASM, I'm laughing hysterically, squirting all over the place, my legs are twitching like crazy, and I may have accidentally pooped myself.
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by HearMyName June 05, 2018
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