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A gesture that has become common practice at hardcore gigs. The Good-Time Hand is executed in a casual, yet enthusiastic manner, accompanying a fast tempo riff while the one performing the gesture either watches from the side of the pit or takes a minute to recover between bursts of hardcore dancing. The index finger and thumb are extended and with the remaining fingers closed the hand is moved back and forth from the wrist in time to the beat, with the elbow usually remaining bent.

It is usually assumed that there was direct correlation between the amount of good-time handing and the amount that the person is enjoying themselves. However, it is more often the case that it is performed in order to show to other members of the audience that the performer is having a better time than anyone else in attendance.
"Look at that guy's good-time hand go! He must be having a really good time!"

"Did you go to that Your Demise gig last night?"

"Yeah, there were good-time hands everywhere!"
by goodtime boy November 07, 2012
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