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Propaganda that admits it is propaganda, is self-aware that it is propaganda, and is forth right about its intentions as propaganda. Taken from the concept "Gonzo Pornography" - ie pornography where the "actors" are aware of the camera.

By being open about the persuasive position, the arguer is motivated to maintain honesty and integrity and source validity in their proposals.

It is intended as a distributed and independent "blogging" or argument position to contrast directly with the Zero Hedge - Tyler Durden (multiple anonymous Russian-connected authors) model. It is a way in which people with Western Democratic values -- and no financial or government incentive -- who are working independently to enhance their country's public diplomatic image can contribute in genuine, authentic, and meaningful ways.
Wow, Mike went all out with his blog post on why the USA is still a great place for Muslims to come, live , and be free to enjoy life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness -- that was one of the most effective pieces of gonzo propaganda I've ever seen.
by pooplex June 26, 2016
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