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A game created in 2016, where a student, in class on Friday, takes two goldfish crackers and squeeze sthem together to make them "fight". Whichever one breaks is the loser and thrown into a pile of crumbs, while the winner moves on to the next match. Once a clear winner is found out of the entire bag of goldfish, then he or she gets to take on the champ for an epic battle royale. During the final match, the official match theme of "Seven Nation Army" by the White Stripes must play, and if a winner is crowned, the champ will rest for the week in a zip lock bag stapled to the wall. Never speak of this information out loud to any other student in school......because the first rule of Goldfish Fight Club, is that you don't talk about Goldfish Fight Club.
Parker ignored Mr. Keith's lesson in class on Friday, because it was an intense day for Goldfish Fight Club, and she wanted to see if someone could challenge the champ.
by kskeith1978 April 14, 2017
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