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Is a sexual act in which the male attempts to clean a particularly dirty anal passage of a female through means of urination before engaging in anal fellatio aka salad tossing.

"Golden" is derived from the term Golden Shower in which a male or female urinate on one another during intercourse.

"Morrison" refers to the Jim Morrison (of Doors fame) song entitled "Back Door Man" in which he sings about the pleasure's of anal play with women.
"Johnny wanted nothing more than to toss Sandy's salad before work. however, he was running late and the smell emanating from her anus was quite gruesome and deadly. He quickly pulled out his penis and gave her a Golden Morrison rendering her bung-hole hazard free. He tossed her salad like a champ on this occasion and was off to work in no time flat."
by Cipi_43 August 20, 2009
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