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A person who sipp's on there beer all night without finishing.
The GOLDEN SIPPER is the person whom holds the title for doing this most frequently.

GOLDEN SIPPERS will often try and challenge others within the pack for a chance to rid the title, however strong research indicates that GOLDEN SIPPERS are unable to maintain there first and second sipp pace through the duration of the first beer.

Quite often a beer will reach the GOLDEN SIPPERS body temperature before they have finished the beverage as they have been holding it for such a long time. It if for this reason GOLDEN SIPPERS are often good at warming babys milk.
I gave Adam his first beer for the night and he just held it and sipped at it, before sneakily putting down the bottle half empty. He is such a GOLDEN SIPPER.

GUY 1: Adam tried to challenge me the other night to a drink off, thinking he could pass off the title as the GOLDEN SIPPER
GUY 2: Man that guy will be the GOLDEN SIPPER forever, he cannot drink. Pretty sure iv seen footage of him trying to keep up but he can't. One a sipper always a sipper.
by GUY1 April 12, 2013
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