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A psychological state in which a retired or active Golddigger finds his or herself unable to find love because of their materialistic whoreness. this may come in the form of putting out for common acts of kindness, or not being able to accept love from someone without money and social class even though they truly love such person.
Example 1

Person1: She really loves him.
Person2: Too bad she's got Golddigger Complex, he'll only be accepted if he wins the lottery.

Example 2

Person1: OMG Jim opened the restaurant door for me on our date it was SO romantic.
Person2: Did you put out?
Person1: well of course he was so sweet!
Person2: you've got some serious Golddigger Complex.

Example 3

Person1: I don't know if John loves me or not he buys me things all the time.
Person2: He doesn't LOVE you he was buying the whole company dinner. Just cause someone buys you some french fries, it doesn't mean they love you.
Person1: OMG I think I have Golddigger Complex!
by Dave Geir May 24, 2010
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