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A term marking the end of douche-baggery. After one has removed his or her goggles--either literally or figuratively--he or she is relieved of acting like, looking like, or feeling like a jackass. Generally used as a word of advice.
For literal situations:

S: Hey dude, I like your outift, especially your winter hat and welding goggles around your neck. It's silly and cool 'cause there's no need for either of those things right now!

B: Yeah, I think it's pretty cool too. You really like it?

S: No, take your goggles off, you look like a motherfucker.

For everyday "goggle" situations:
Perhaps you're at a party...

S: Hey, you're acting like a real ass... maybe this should be your last drink, 'cause you don't wanna be "that guy."

B: Don't tell me what to do! I'll drink more just to spite you.

S: Take your goggles off, man.
by hellocurly2 January 01, 2011
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