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The only KFC meal bigger than a family meal for 12. Pure finger lickin' good. A meal only becomes a godfather meal if the person ordering it is going to eat it alone. This person may wear a tuxedo and bring two bodyguards in black suits for added effect. Note: it is not possible to choose the eat-out option with this meal as it is too big to fit through the front door.
Guy 1: "Dude, that guy is getting a godfather meal! He came dressed for the feast and all!"
Guy 2: "What a fat shit."

How to order:
Enter the restaurant, make your bodyguards pull out guns and kill everyone in the joint but the workers behind the counter. Approach the counter, look to your left bodyguard, and make him order you your godfather meal. He must order this in Italian. The bodyguard on the right should prepare a cheque, because normal money isn't godfather-like. If you're feeling extra godfather-ey, then make your right bodyguard pay in cocaine.
by quackoqazs May 05, 2011
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