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A person , object or a situation which causes confusion, doubt and/or paranoia. To 'goat out' can be defined as situation in which you see things, do things or hear things out of the ordinary. Similarly someone can be a 'goat out' by doing or saying things that may cause others to be paranoid or confused. 'Goating out' is often experienced whilst under the influence of cannibis and/or other mind altering substances..
That tree was talking hebrew to me, Goat out!
by Pondage September 09, 2010
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To be fucked anally by a goat, and then the Goat pulling out. It is used on Pornography sets of which animal fucking is going on and to ensure the 'fuckee' is aware that the animal (ie.goat) is clear of entry.
*Goat is fucking human... Goat pulls out*
Director: "GOAT OUT"
by Jezzmeister September 11, 2010
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