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A term of excitement or encouragement.

Popularised by the Scott Mills Show. Originally heard on the Radio 4 programme "The Archers" when an excerpt was used for the feature "Innuendo Bingo" on the aforementioned "Scott Mills Show".
Lad 1. We're about to win the game.
Lad 2. GO ON PIGS!

While a volunteer shouts encouragement at people trying to finish a marathon "Go on pigs!".
by Timmy Trendy February 08, 2013
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To have a preference towards drinking goon(a cheap casket wine). An extension of this is goon piging it up when your not a regular goon drinker and your low on funds so you decide to drink goon.
Your drinking goon again, you are a goon pig.

I got no cash we'll have to goon pig it up.
by Moses111 October 14, 2010
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