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Glow Walker (G.W.R.) Describes the modern post y2k person whose lives are more or less their social media avatar’s journey. The Glow Walker has no real grounded soul, family, or nurture unit. The Glow Walker prefers friends or “cyber” friends to traditional family or social groups. The lack of so many social norms in the modern Glow Walker’s life fuels the need and desire to constantly witness other people’s realties and lives unfold on TV and Online to feel alive.

The Glow Walker is an automation organism that self generates their energy through feeding from the live charge the real human achiever’s radiate. Glow Walker’s always want reality TV show moments their own lives but never have real lives worth watching. Glow Walker consistently Glow Walk into any and every situation searching for someone else’s life that glows brightly. As a result, they can never be fulfilled. Glow Walker’s are raised and schooled by the American media culture, and more centrally, by fellow Glow Walker media culture graduates and peers. Their chief mode of operation is gaining stimulation and fulfillment from the study of others to create the simulation of fullness and excitement in their own lives. However, the reality that a self actualized person possesses from actual human interaction and personal development during their live’s trials and triumphs can not be “absorbed” and implemented through the study or worship of celebrities, athletes, achievers etc.
She calls her boyfriend a "hard core sportsman" although he's only watched sports on tv his whole life and has attempted to participate in any sports himself much less even gone to a live sporting event, their both total glow walkers.
by Bob Buckner February 04, 2010
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