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Glen Rock High School:
A nice, old school where the girls are bitches and they guys are horny. A lot of drama takes place at Glen Rock High School. Rivals are Hawthorne and Ridgewood. Kids from Glen Rock are usually rich, stuck-up, and mean people attend Glen Rock High School. GRHS is a very good ascademic high school. They send most of their graduates to colleges. The students are very well-rounded. Sports teams at GRHS are amazing. Most sports teams make it to the counties, and the states. GRHS football is very sucessfull. Most of the teachers at GRHS are nice, but some are not so cool. But overall, GRHS is awesome. You SO want to go there.

Ridgewood Kid: yo dude did you hear about that quarterback on the Glen Rock High School football team?he got player of the year dude.

Hawthorne Kid: dude i know.also,the coach got player of the year.i still hate them though.

Ridgewood Kid:yeah man,me too.they people there are so rude,but the girls are so hot.


Ridgewood Kid: DUDE, did you just see that girl walk by?! she was BANGINN

Hawthorne Kid: I KNOW MAN, she must be from Glen Rock.
by GRHS ALUMNI March 11, 2009
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A prestigious school in Glen rock new jersey. They are consistently one of the top schools in the state, but even us students know that means nothing. The football team is also very good, having won 8 state championships, including a streak of 5 in a row at one point. The boys lacrosse, hockey, girls tennis, girls soccer, and girls basketball teams are also perennial contenders. So pretty much everyone except boys basketball. It has very good electives and teachers, but half the girls are sluts and a lot of guys are dicks. Probably the best high school in North Jersey.
Ridgewood kid a: Man, I wish I went to Glen Rock High School
Ridgewood kid b: Yeah, it's a much better school than this. Especially the girls
Ridgewood kid c: Hey let's go there. Oh wait, they're all too good for us. I wish we were as amazing as those kids
by whyalwaysme10 October 12, 2014
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