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1) A factual statement.
2) The only way to reply to a gleek's ravings about the one of the most inane shows in existence.
3) The name of the blog which proved the first definition.
Ryan: "Hey, have you seen that show glee? My girlfriend made me watch it, but I gotta say-for a musical-it's pretty darn funny. And-AAAAND, it totally tackles some of the big and serious issues of the day, like serial douchebaggery, recurring amnesia, and bipolar disorder."
Murphy: "Recurring amnesia? . . . Bipolar disorder?!"
Ryan: "Yeah, totally. Everyone on the show has it. Oh, and alzheimer's. And delusional disorder."
Murphy: "Dude, I watch Glee too-I'm a BIG time gleek-but I don't remember any of that stuff you're talking about. What episode was it in?"
Ryan: "What do you mean? It's in every episode."
Murphy: "How so?"
Ryan: "Well, I mean, all of the characters are emotionally volatile, forgetful of former statements and events and are narcissistic and selfish and yet have extremely low self-esteem. Weirdly though, they all seem strangely one-dimensional. Actually, nobody on the show makes any sense."
Murphy: "I have no idea what you're talking about. They all make sense to me. Like . . . Kurt! He totally breaks down all of the gay stereotypes."
Ryan: "Are you kidding m. . ."
Murphy: "What?"
Ryan: "I just remembered that I'm not a psychiatrist, so all that stuff I just said was total bullshit. But, also, I realized something."
Murphy: "What's that?"
Ryan: "Glee sucks."
by TehTruthBringer December 08, 2010
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