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Originates from "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone."

Used to express utmost desire for something/someone, compelling the "Malfoy" to either give it there, or procede into a heated quittage match for the desired object.

Be careful...this fusion of words is rarely used outside of life/death situations.
bert - Dude you'll never beleive it I got with Stacy last night!

ralf - "Give it here, Malfoy"

bert - I don't like you (there is no ability to accept or decline "Give it here, Malfoy")

Person 1 - Hey check out this cake my mom and dad bought me for my birthday!

Person 2 - "Give it here, Malfoy"

Serious Situation -

If you ever have a gun to your head against your will, simply and calmly say "give it here, malfoy," and the enemy(s) will be at your mercy!!! Notice the potential plural on enemy because this word fusion can be used against a specific group of people, like just indian people.

Note: There is always the possibility of a very wise man repeating these words back to you.
by Pr1nC3SS un1 k0rn May 10, 2010
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