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1. To go all out, no fucks given.
2. When you floor your car, smash the gas, pedal to the metal.
3. You give it to your girl (sexually) so good, that she starts to cry. Similar to chopping an onion and tearing up.
4. Your car is so bad ass and so fast, that you whiplash your girl into crying tears of joy over your magnificent beast of modern day machinery.
1."Dude I could die", "So! Give er' the onion!"
2. "I'm gonna race this guy", "He's got a turbo v8, better be ready to give er' the onion"
3. "Dude, I went hard on my girl last night and gave er' the onion".
4. "I got a bigger turbo put on my car, and gave er' the onion bro".
by The Boost Experiment March 20, 2017
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