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Girls who attend Christchurch Girl's High School. The students there are commonly known as margarine legs, but also as the hottest girls in Christchurch. Some say you actually have to pass an attractiveness test to get in, and others that the out-of-zone students accepted purely on aesthetics. Whatever the truth is, everyoe knows that girl's high girls party, dance and kiss like no other. Very highly sought after at CBHS and Christ College (syrups) dances. You pretty much only have to say she goes/went to girl's high for it to be assumed that she's (at the very least) fuckable.
Boy 1: Hey, did you hook up with anybody at the dance?
Boy 2: Yup. She's a girl's high girl
Boy 1: Shot bro! (followed by much congratulations from any surrounding males)
by KiwiChickee December 11, 2007
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