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1. A human being of a ginger variety
2. A stain on human society
3. A human that is not only ginger on the outside but also ginger on the inside
4. One who brings gingerness and leaves it in their wake wherever they go
5. The scars of being around one that is ginger
6. Residue on sofas and other upholstery left by contact with a ginger
7. Something that is not and will never be accepted.......ever!!!
8. On par with The Omen, Damien, 666, she-devil, succubus, bunny boiler, fatal attraction etc.
9. Makes up random bullshit all the time involving family, friends and occupation.
10. Frequent usage of four letter words in cul-de-sacs and other family-orientated urban areas
1. Can be heard saying "...Yeah! Oh Yeah! Yeah! I did that....and that too! Oh Yeah!"
2. Guy: "What's that ginger stain?"
Other Guy: "Oh, that? That's my brother's psychotic girlfriend with the ginger hair."
by peter Anthony April 26, 2008
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