A unique situation for a redhead where freckles are distributed in a face like pattern on the torso where ginger nipples serve as eyes.
No matter where I sat in that Irish bath house, Liam's Gingerbread Man was constantly staring at me.
by RickySStuntDouble May 30, 2014
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When you ejaculate on a woman’s face and proceed to rub your ball sac across her forehead through the semen (to apply the frosting) creating a ginger bread man.
When I nutted on that hoe’s forehead and rubbed my nut sac straight up n’ down her face I yelled, “Merry Christmas, bitch!” And that’s how you make a ginger bread man.
by Dross5160 December 19, 2019
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When you shatter every joint beyond repair in a person and they are permanently stiff and immobile
These joints include shoulders, elbows ,wrist, hips, knees and ankles
He disrespected me and stole my money; so I had to gingerbreadman his ass!
Dave has never been the same since he got gingerbreadman'd by his enemy.
Roger got gingerbreadman'd by a sledgehammer for messing with this guy's wife.
by 1000AMPS November 25, 2019
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