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The absolute most laziest fucks you've ever even heard of in your life. They lay around all day every day hogging every bit of Internet bandwidth looking up things that lower their IQ and further their paranoia about everything. They also wonder why they can't find employment although they've never even attempted to fill out an application with all their bandwidth hogging. They would attempt to wash a dish occasionally but after breaking an arm trying to lift a tablespoon with their little toothpicks they no longer attempt to try. These gimper Boyz epitomize laziness in every way possible. They also don't own a real stereo but sometimes attempt to crank their music on their crappy little computer speakers.
Those Gimper Boyz sure are some worthless sons of bitches. I'm surprised they didn't get winded walking all the way from the couch to the computer chair.
by Blindwilliesyphillis July 05, 2017
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