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Gimme some splenda is a term used to ask for a kiss.
Close cousin of the term give me some sugar where the girl is hot and the kiss is sweet.

Gimme some splenda/Give me some splenda is a phrase used when asking an ugly girl for a kiss. It is best used when wishing to be slapped or to be dumped or to mock a person who does not understand the link to give me some sugar (babe).

Gimme some splenda can be used as a taunt, insult or joke-esk compliment.
Best used when trying to make yourself seem less desirable to your partner before a break up so that they feel less of a loss when you break up.
Boyfriend: Hey “babegimme some splenda
Girlfriend: *Slap
Boyfriend: Agh… (and single)
by toothpaste salad December 20, 2008
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