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When someone is expressing their ideologies through negative ways to try and gain something or make someone do something for them.
Often used to make the opposing party feel negative about themselves so that they would "cave in" for the said Guilt Tripper.
Often used when one is breaking up with someone.

The person being Dumped might try using guilt tripping to make the other person feel bad for person being dumped, so that potentially they wouldn't get dumped.

This person could be described as very Guilt Trippy

Can be Measured similar to how one would measure an average drug trip.
"He's on a bad trip man" He's solely relying on guilt tripping to potentially win an argument.

Often associated with people who are weak minded, illogical humans and have little back bone.
People who result to guilt tripping rather than forming a logical or persuasive argument and very Gilt Trippy or Gilt Trigger Happy.
"Yo dawg, I was gonna go dump my girl today. So wese were chillin n stuff. And as i was doin it, she started crying saying how she changed for me, hoe made me feel mad bad about it, she was so Gilt trippy"
~ Keith (average white guy rapper)

"I was trying to kick this guy out my band and he started saying how he changed for us, Like wtf, this aint no relation ship. He was on a bad Guilt Trip mate."
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by Kerrley June 29, 2017
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