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A group of adolescent females who attend Cardinal Gibbons High School and conform to mainstream society's morals, values, and lingo. These girls partake in the same stereotypical activities together which include but are not limited to; coming to school every morning with abstract iced coffee drinks from Starbucks, wearing Vera Bradley handbags, excessive "rolling" of shorts that are much to small for them, use of the phrase "but actually", pretending to be intoxicated after consumption of little to no alcohol, and attending country concerts every weekend while wearing camo apparel because they think they are so "country." Symptoms of basicness also include unhealthy obsessions with Michael Kors, Tory Burch, llamas, Taylor Swift, and spandex.
"Hey dude check out those fine babes, they're pretty good looking lets go talk to them."

"Nah man, look at their iced coffee and spandex, those are some grade A Gibbons basics."
by S_Petro March 07, 2013
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