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When a man masturbates in the shower and somehow gets semen on areas that defy physics.
Man A: Hey dude whats that shit on the back of your arm?
Man B: Ahh I was jerkin it in the shower and I got some ghost semen back there
by Hamsizzler March 29, 2010
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Just as ghosts are fleeting and elusive, Ghost Semen is just as difficult to find. This phenomenon can occur after vigorous masturbation and is often mystifying. Quite simply it is the misplacement of discharged love nectar that has missed the awaiting Kleenex/female. After a futile search for the stray semen, it is then understood to have vanished into the ether. A more advanced approach is through the scope of quantum physics, whereby the photons and wave structure of the energy creating the egg-fertilizing fluid shift into a higher vibration of existence outside our own. The energy phases into a different quantum reality wherein the frequency that forms the core vibration of the photon is of a higher rate.
You: "Dude, I totally lost some Ghost Semen last night."

Awesome Chick: "That sucks. What a waste!"

You: "I know!"
by _Darth_Vader_ July 02, 2011
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