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A game in which the participants (usually white) venture to a neighborhood with dangerous connotations and a primarily African American population to engage in said game. To play, you must have a spoon on your person, hence the name "Ghetto Spoons". Once you are in the ideal neighborhood, or "Ghetto", and in possession of a spoon, you must pick a target. Your target must be a black male, the bigger and more intimidating the better, ideally one in a group of other black men. Once you have chosen your target, you should take your spoon and throw it at him while simultaneously yelling "Nigger!" as loud as possible, and clearly directed at your target. If you miss, you must retrieve the spoon.
Philip: Have you heard from Gerald? I haven't seen him at school for a few days.
Bob: Apparently he's in the hospital after playing Ghetto Spoons on Saturday.
by Dovahkiin_69 December 17, 2014
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