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Basketball with no official rules, pushing, kicking, punching etc. Whatever it takes to prevent the other person to score. Usually played with 6-10 people.
Person A: Hey why'd you push me?
Person B: We ain't in the NBA boi, Dis Ghetto Ball whatever goes, goes.
by Marius A September 20, 2006
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A variant of baseball played with a tennis ball and some sort of impromptu bat, often a 2x4 or a cardboard box (commonly from packaged snack food).

The game usually comes to an end when the bat breaks or becomes ineffective or when the ball is lost or breaks something.
We played ghettoball in the quad at lunch today, Nathan had a tennis ball and we found a Big Texas box.

Jeffery got into a fight in the quad today when he was was hit by tennis ball from the nearby ghettoball game.
by baltonate November 03, 2011
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