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Your shitty ass High School trailer that you take Math in.

Typically filled holes in the walls, dirty floors, many swaztikas, mysterious smells and/or stains, lude drawings of large proportions on the whiteboard in Sharpie, broken windows, and broken desks.

Often inhabited with idiots and/or wannabe gangsters who start many fights because they don't know better. Any of the moderatly smart kids in the class have been forced to move out of their original class because apparantly, the school doesn't give two-shits about those who pass and suck up to those who don't (Semester Blocks).

The teacher may be ghetto as well. Signs of a ghetto teacher are:
Always out because they have an eye infection due to cheap ass makeup

Wear their hair in the same greasy fashion every day.

Too cheap to buy a marker eraser so they use a towel which can also be turned into a fashionable curtain for the broken window to the side.

Wears crocs. Even when it's raining.

Leaves the children to teach themselves.

Looks up porn and stays on Facebook all day.

Is scared of being shot from the wannabe thugs in the class.

In summarization, a ghetto trailer is the worst herpes-infested room you will ever be in. It contains some of the worst and colorful people you will ever meet... but, nevertheless, you will gain some of the best friends of your entire life. To see the real heroes of the world, walk through the ghetto trailer and open your eyes. When there is a shadow, there is always light.
"This is a ghetto trailer."

by The kid you dont know April 21, 2010
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