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a new drinking game for when people watch "Hercules: the legendary journeys." Its called Gettin Sorboed. Every time Kevin Sorbo humiliates any person or groups of persons or monsters or gods, said recipient of the humiliation is said to be "Sorboed." At this point the group of drinkers calls Sorboed, and all must drink, because like Hercules, the said drinkers are required to do their heroic duty. which is to drink when hercules lays down some whoop ass
there can be objections however, if said whoopass was not suffiecient to call the opponent "Sorboed."
examples would be when Kevin Sorbo is knocking around grunts one after one in a fight. Kevin Sorbo does this all the time, it is not grounds for beings "'Sorboed", because the target is not sufficiently important or relevant.
however, if Kevin Sorbo floors 3 or more people, that would be a sufficient Sorbo. Bonus points for "Getting Sorboed" without physical harm being delivered.
by Holycorpse January 31, 2009
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