Getting knelt is when someone provokes a negative reaction out of you by subtly tempting, tormenting, and disrespecting you in hopes that you stand up for yourself, defend yourself, and maintain your dignity, because he knows that you want to be able to walk around knowing you aren't letting someone have their way with you, because you would lose respect for yourself if you did so, all to relay your reaction to the proper authorities to come take your dignity once and for all, to make an example out of you to exploit the moral flaw in the legal system, which has never, in all of history, addressed provoking harassment and has been physically incarcerating people by holding their tongue since Socrates.
I'm glad to see that New Zealand and Ireland have reformed contempt of court, because I just got looked at blank-faced by every individual in the educational and legal punishment processes of verbally defending yourself, when it has happened to every single one of them as they uphold this childish tradition, after getting knelt by Mr. Niederhauser, who made me weigh my dignity with every aspect of my livelihood, because he knew I wasn't going to tolerate a situation where the only way I could graduate was to take something on the chin from some guy.
by Codey Neal September 26, 2019