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1. Exclamatory phrase used to emphasize any extreme emotion, including, but not limited to hunger, joy, urge to bite someone, and thiefery Often preceded or followed by You shut the front door!

2. A place to hide. Sanctuary.

3. Nutritious.

-Origin/Root- Disasterous shenanigan with intention to play practical joke on supervisor. Ploy was to scare the crap out of supervisor, but he was on to us and it was just torture in the 4 cubic foot cube.
Example 1
Melissa was trying to make me do work so I screamed "You get in the cupboard!" and then she threw large mushrooms at my head and I caught them in my mouth and also some in my shirt.

Example 2
Warren was annoying us so we told him to get in the cupboard. And so he did because he does everything we tell him to.

Example 3
Xstina was trying to fit in the locker, but her sweater got stuck so Melissa yelled "Get in the cupboard!"
by Xstinabobina & MeliSSicle June 18, 2007
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