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1. When someone is a complete noob, and they seriously need to get real.

2. They are so noob like that they are far off reality, in which case they need to get a hold of reality, aka get real. and since they are infarct a noob to start with, we say get real noob.
Example #1:

noob: whats LoL?
cool dude: league of legends
noob: whats that?
cool dude: wtf, get real noob!

Example #2:

aS.ShaDow posted:
I agree with your opinion because you know how it feels to be famous.


You cannot be serious. You are trying to say that its tough being famous and therefore people should feel bad for people who can't handle the fame and turn to drugs?

Get real, noob.
by m Ali Jahed December 20, 2010
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