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Where a German Man has anal sex with a Polish women, to symbolize the "German Occupation of Poland". Following that, the women must wear a strap-on and attempt to give the male anal sex, as the male must punch her in the face and fight. This is to show Poland's failed attempts at fighting back against the German's. As the third and final act, an American man must preform vaginal sex to the women, after beating up the German man, to symbolize America's help in the freedom of Poland from Germany. The third act may also be preformed with a Russian Man instead of an American man. During this whole "time", the German man must have his arm raised in the Nazi Saluting Position and scream "Heil" in the salute to Hitler.
Hans : Did you sleep with that Pollock last night?

Axel : Yes, there was German Occupation for some time, but an American showed up and ruined it all.
by The_Rabbi_Rock'n'Roll August 07, 2010
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