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Girls from a small town in Southern Ontario that are affected by a certain popular syndrome. These girls are often very attractive. All Georgetown girls are wether attractive or not act as if they are walking goddesses, for a select few this is true but for the majority it isn’t. This attitude is perpetrated by their wealthy parent’s ability to spoil them rotten, and the extreme fuck boy population in Georgetown. Girls worth here is often hyper inflated to a point that girls that are 6/10 will often demand to be with guys that are 8/10’s and higher.

About 86% of the Georgetown female population is infected with this dipilitating disorder. Unfortunately due to increased land value in Georgetown this figure is only going up. It is estimated that by 2022 the number will be north of 95%.

Fortunately Georgetown Girl Syndrome is not forever, often when girls leave Georgetown and go to a competitive open girl market such as a university, their disorder often disappears. Figures have been as low as only 23% of girls returning from university cured of Georgetown Girl Syndrome after only their first year. After 4 years that number on occasion has reached 3%.
“Whoa I can’t beleive Sarah came back to Georgetown from U of T with Georgetown Girl Syndrome”
by Henryglober September 27, 2017
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