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This word originated from the popular series pokemon,it refers to those supposed "fans" Who deem all generations (other the the first) to be shitty and not worth his or her time.

Now it could also refer to ANY person or fan, who dislikes and disrespects

Any series that continues and changes through out the years. One main instance was the recently remade sailor moon crystal anime. In which it follows the manga more closely then it's 90s counterpart. However many "fans" have bashed it and the other fans who enjoy the newer version.
90s only fan: "Ugh did you see the new's so lame. Why couldn't they of continued the 90s version. I mean I grew up with that series and they are clearly ruining it."

Me: "but many of us also grew up with the is it such a big deal that it's new? The manga has been around for years. It's about time the author finally get her series the way she envisioned it."

90s only fan: " the manga sucks IMO,it was lame and lacked character development. It shouldn't even exist. And if you defend that atrocity, you aren't a real fan."

Me: "Real fans don't bash other fans for their likes and dislikes. Nor do they make fun of reboots or remakes. They accept it won't be the same as their childhood and move on. Stop acting like such a genwenner"
by LadyEllesmere June 20, 2016
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