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A verbal agreement established by a Quality Control Manager and made with another person or group of people. It is manadatory that for a gentlemens agreement to take place that a paper trail must not exist, and the party that iniates and finalizes the gentlemens agreement must notify a third party that everything is under control because I made a gentlemens agreement with them. Great caution must be excercised when forming this type of agreement because it is not legally binding in any way and can result in a negative outcome.
I realize that we were directed in writing to correct the elevation of the sprinkler heads, but dont worry because I made a gentlemens agreement to only correct some of the sprinkler heads.
by Magnus Ver Magnussen May 06, 2010
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The agreement between male friends to always in whatever way create opportunities to allow the other friend a place to have sex with whatever random girl.
Heard at a festival:
Guy: "Hey man! Can I get the tent? I'm calling gentlemen's agreement."
His friend: "Sure thing, you know I always do whatever neccessary to hook you up."
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