A verbal agreement established by a Quality Control Manager and made with another person or group of people. It is manadatory that for a gentlemens agreement to take place that a paper trail must not exist, and the party that iniates and finalizes the gentlemens agreement must notify a third party that everything is under control because I made a gentlemens agreement with them. Great caution must be excercised when forming this type of agreement because it is not legally binding in any way and can result in a negative outcome.
I realize that we were directed in writing to correct the elevation of the sprinkler heads, but dont worry because I made a gentlemens agreement to only correct some of the sprinkler heads.
by Magnus Ver Magnussen May 6, 2010
The agreement between male friends to always in whatever way create opportunities to allow the other friend a place to have sex with whatever random girl.
Heard at a festival:
Guy: "Hey man! Can I get the tent? I'm calling gentlemen's agreement."
His friend: "Sure thing, you know I always do whatever neccessary to hook you up."