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"A true gentleman always strive to ensure his lady has reached at least one climax before he does"

The Gentleman's Rule is an axiom first created in 1672 by Thomas Savery (creator of the first commercial steam engine). Prior to his extensive research into steam power Savery theorised the existance of a female orgasm, which he then came to prove it in 1671 with a paper titled 'induction of involuntary muscle contraction in mulieribus women'. Much excitement was generated in the scientific community at the remarkable discovery however there was a large group of women claiming to have "known about it for a very long time but you just never listen".

A year later in 1672 it was realised that, despite Savery's pioneering research, the wives and betrothed of British men were no happier; it was decreed by King Charles II of England (an avid supporter and benefactor of Savery's research) that a law would passed that "whenth engaging in coitus it is paramount that the man must ensure his betrothed hath reached a suitable level of satisfaction prior to whenth the husband hath achieved his satisfaction". Charles or his wife were not seen in court for at least a fortnight after the law was passed.

The law slipped into obscurity during the 18th and 19th century but has been in resurgence since the early 1960s.
"My girlfriend loves that I follow the gentleman's rule"
"Craig never follows the gentleman's rule, what a scumbag"
"Jenny seems so much happier now Greg has learnt the Gentleman's Rule!"
by Olberoony February 17, 2015
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