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A gay cocksucker who gives straight men a financial donation for allowing the faggot to suck him off. The straight man never does anything back as far as reciprocation and either watches pussy videos or thinks of pussy while it takes place. The faggot loves having the privledge of sucking off the straight king and being able to eat the baby batter that he normally would never have the opportunity. In essance, the faggot pays for that precious straight mans baby batter. The amount of the financial donation depends on the size of the straight mans dick and how hot the straight man is but usually at least $100 for 30-60 minutes.
While in college, Greg had his own personal and generous cocksucker a/k/a "Cocksucking ATM" to earn some extra money. Greg had a big 9" dong and knew faggots would do anything to suck it. Why work at McDonald's for minimum wage when you can earn big bucks to kick back for an hour and let an expert eager cocksucker pay you to massage your fatty and extract a big load while you think and watch pussy videos. Greg thought "why waste it jerking off when I can have a faggot pay me top dollar to suck me off while I smell my girl friends panties!"
by Dong Massuse October 20, 2008
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