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A man of action. His name is Aaron, but he goes by the name Hollow. He is an awesome YouTuber that pays attention to his subscribers. He is in the crew with RageGamingVideos, Evanz111, Peace, Tyde and Captain Fluke. Hollow mainly makes videos with Rage, and they make a funny combination...most of the time... His original username was Peasy93 for his Youtube channel. He plays a lot of games, his Tea Time with Hollow is pretty chill, he played Metro last night (Maybe I don't know what it is called), he plays mine craft, and has a new series where he does about two episodes of different games. Like Dark Souls. Very funny... Oh and he has a series that is pertty much a troll... How to: Redstone...
Generation Hollow: I like tea
by CheeseheadSyd (Sydney Wick) October 02, 2013
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