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A trend used by feminists and the lgtbq community to make men look like a bunch of (idiots, douches, sexists, etc). This is a metheod used to bring gender into everything. They usually do this when they feel targeted, want to look targeted to support their ''cause''(extra attention to their gender, or species, A.K.A. nothing important), and or to make males look inferior.

They start by using a term that annoys them, like spreading your legs and taking 2 inches more space, interrupting, or even explaining something wrong. then they replace the first syllable with man, or just adding male, or man to the word, and call it a gender or a racial issue.
fm: omg, why do you have to manspread like that? you are taking 1'' from my 3' personal space you sexist! don't you know im vega-
m: don't you think all the Gender-Inserting/Male Inserting is a little extra? i mean, serious-
fm: don't you manterrupt me!
by Miles_Bey0nd November 20, 2016
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