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A lie that women tell that men make more money than women. A man makes 5 dollars for ever 4 dollars a woman makes. 4 + 1!
Sarah: Hey boss, why did Bobby get 100 dollars and I got nothing.
Boss: Sarah, you know your a volunteer right?
Sarah: So why didn't I get money?
Boss: Volunteers don't make money...
Boss: Sarah did you do any work today?
Sarah: Uhhhhhhhh...
(Gary now I know, I was wrong)
by TheBeanBeanedYou May 30, 2017
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A myth that is a talking point for femenazis to say men are privileged assholes in which a woman earns 77 cents for every dollar a man makes. Even though the myth doesn't take in account the choices people of different genders.
Femenazi: Why did Jimmy get paid $2000 and I only got paid $1800?
Boss: Because he worked more hours than you.
Femenazi: It's the gender pay gap! I knew it you privileged white male asshole!
Boss: You're fired.
Femenazi: SEXIST!
by SuburbDictionary July 02, 2017
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