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A full proof way of testing a mate’s story is true, with consequences. Means –

Gen: It’s genially true
Queens: Swears upon the queens life the story is true
Robocop: The first of the consequences, if the story is false give them the Robocop haircut
Eyebrows: If story turns out to be a lie off with the eyebrows
Bloke 1: “mate the other night I picked up this fine chick and went all night long!!”
Bloke 2: “gen queens robocop eyebrows?”
Bloke 1 has choice to make If says: “gen queens robocop eyebrows” and is found out lying, its time for a hair cut from bloke 2.
Or Bloke 1: “nah, she was a medium-fat and I lasted 10 secs…..”
by josh whitfield August 02, 2007
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