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A person who enjoys punk/rock/alternative music. Geeky Punk Rockers usually listen to a mix of 90's music and some bands today. Geeky Punk Rockers like geeky things, like Minecraft, Doctor Who, Battlestar Gallactica, Star Wars, LOTR ect. Geeky Punk Rockers like bands they can relate to, Like Weezer for example, a group of nerds. The Punk part comes from the more Punk rock bands like Nirvana. They are the weird mix of awkward and rebellious at the same time. They are generally handsome but at the same time rejected by society it seems, increasing difficulty of a girlfriend. Geeky Punk Rockers enjoy memes and many hours on the internet. They do not like sports at all.
Person 1: So what bands do you like?
Person 2: I like Weezer, bit of Nirvana, maybe even Muse or Red Hot Chilli Peppers.
Person 1: What??! What about Lil Wayne!
Person 2: Are you smoking pot or something? He sucks.
Person 1: Ugh, im just gonna go watch MTV cribs...
Person 2: YOU SERIOUS? Try some quality TV like Doctor Who or Community!
Person 1: Fine, i have homework to do anyway, theres that new rule about no study halls at all
Person 2: Youre actually following that!!!!! Thats an injustice im not doing my homework if i cant have time in class to do it!
Person 1: Oh shoot my girlfriend is calling me..!
Person 2: I can never get a girlfriend, im cursed with awkward :(
Person 1: Youre such a Geeky Punk Rocker...
by TheManOFTheWord March 26, 2012
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