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Equivalent to Tupac. inspired a generation of rap artists to create the label known as “MOST WANTED RECORDS”. his famous song “Lean In my apple juice” spotted 9 on the Hot100. His most well known album “superstar” along with “Last G” are his notable works . as of 2018 he has recently dropped the “world is yours”

which you can stream on all service devices
You guys heard that Fueg pack? That Ge Lastking?
by SillyNewspaperkid December 12, 2018
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The most garbage rapper to ever rap in Torrington CT. He thinks very highly of himself but to be honest his lyrics are absolutely terrible he uses so much auto tune and still his music sounds terrible I don’t know how he does it. If your mother smoked crack with you in the womb i’m sure you would enjoy GE lastkings music and his presence.
Dude I just took a huge GE lastking earlier it smelt so bad.

Dude did you hear that new GE lastking song it made my ears bleed!
by Gelastkingsucks May 08, 2018
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