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A compound derogatory term for Halo Reach (a video game for Xbox 360), primarily reserved for those who A) Do not like Halo: Reach or B) Are upset that their friends are playing Halo: Reach all the time. And so- they rename the game 1)"Gaylo: Reacharound" or 2)"Ghalo: Reacharound" (pronounced the same). This is a combination of two old terms "Gaylo"- (meaning Gay and Halo), and "Reacharound"- A sexual maneuver already defined on by Der Captain -"...The process of, while penetrating a partner from behind (Either anally or vaginally), reaching around and playing with his/her genitalia.
Contrary to popular belief, not only a homosexual act."- (Thank You Der Captain)
"Ah... BRO! Are you EVER gonna get enough of that Gaylo: Reacharound?"

Bro: "NEVER! I'm a Brigadier BITCHES!!!"
"Well, When you are done being gay over there- lets kill some LIZARDS!"
Bro: "Gears of War 2?? And you call ME gay..."
by CaptainOvaltine November 27, 2010
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