One who only stretches their body piercings to "extreme" sizes to be considered cool and a rebel.
Yeah, real rebellious when everyone and their mother now has 1/2" ears and size 0 labrets or 2g septum.

Sometime people have have been modded (pierced, tattooed, branded, scalpelled, etc.) a long time joke around about being a gauge queen.
Oh my gosh! Look at those silly emo nerds over there! They are all under 20 and SUPER gauge queens HAHAHA!!!
It'll be really funny next year when they grow out of emo and are stuck with huge holes because they didn't take care of them & stretched 'em to fast!!!!
by Krissi Sixx March 17, 2007
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Noun- A person who is either obsessed with stretching their piercings, or with showing off their stretched holes.
More new plugs?! You are such a Gauge Queen!
by 9648 February 10, 2013
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