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One is said to be a "garboholic" or more specifically, a member of "garboholics anonymous"(noun) if he or she exhibits traits of a rookie/bad kid/idiot/dumbass. "Garboholics anonymous"(adj) can also be used to describe a subject's the garbage qualities and inferiority.
"Holy shit kid, you are so fucking bad! I took the liberty of booking you a one way ticket to garboholics anonymous."
"Dude, my BR has "garboholics anonymous" written all over it, I can't get a fucking headshot."
"Dude, these BKs are getting scooped so hard, they're strait up garboholics anonymous."
"I can't believe it, what a huge load of bull shit, this game is nothing but garboholics anonymous."
by ScoopTheLoop October 28, 2013
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