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The Gang Bang Girls are a group of sexually explicit women. Most of them are from San Diego California, one is from Wasilla, Alaska and a couple from Orange County Califorinia. They started gang banging each other in September of 2013 at a Leather event called Folsom Fringe. They were recently interviewed by the
I want in! What now?

There are many different levels of participation. There is the Gang Bang Girls victim, the GBG Pledge and the GBG Member. No matter which you are interested in the first step is the same. Tell us. We know the GBG’s appear to have magical powers at times, but mind reading isn't one of them.

I've asked to be a GBG but haven’t heard back, wtf?

Rest assured we are probably talking about you behind your back. Quite possibly to your significant other. First all four OG's have to agree and then we take it to our members. Plus, a well executed GBG scene takes time to plan and there may be people ahead of you. One way or another you will hear from us.

I've been GBG’d, where is my number?

Not everyone who gets GBG’d will become a numbered member. Everyone is welcome in our fetlife group, of course, but the GBG’s are a small close knit group and we take a long time to vet and consider new members and plan to grow at a very slow pace. It may or may not happen for a variety of reasons.

I’m a guy. What about me?

You are welcome to be an audience member. Anything more than that depends on the terms set by the victim and/or her Dom. In many cases men participate as Lube Daddys, Condom Doms and Human Restraint Systems.
by Sarge Servitus March 07, 2014
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