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A logistical impossibility to mere mortals, the mythical Gan's Manoeuvre is the seamless execution of a Donkey Punch / Angry Dragon combination. A successful outcome to this highly specialised reflex action is typified by a stunned and disoriented subject who has had insufficient time to register what had just taken place. The Dirty Sanchez may be applied to complete the sequence although this is considered an optional extra only.

WARNING : Gan's Manoeuvre is not to be confused with the similarly named but entirely different medical procedure known as the Heimlich Manoeuvre. Considered by many as a Level 7 action, Gan's Manoeuvre is to be attempted by experienced practitioners only.
It was a wild and windy night and in the heat of the passion, the planets aligned themselves perfectly against the back drop of a blue moon to allow the legendary Gan's Manoeuvre to unfold ...
by March 28, 2006
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