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A Gamma Chi, which is the Greek nickname for a recruitment guidance counselor, always has swagger oozing from her veins. She is easily spotted because she is wearing a blue vest decked out with obnoxious flair. She is loud, outgoing, and quite a jokester- and she wants to be a gamma chi because she secretly wishes she was still a freshman. She is always young at heart, maybe slightly even immature, and wherever her and her gamma chi friends go during the week that's where the party's at. At the end of the week it never fails that she has three new loves-her fellow gamma chi gals, her "ballin" PNM's, and Panhellenic Unity. Gamma Chi's are envied by other Greek women, and their job is the shit.
50 Gamma Chi's walk into a bar on the first night of work week.

Frat star 1: "I thought sorority girls wern't allowed to go out during rush?"

Frat star 2: "They can't, but those are gamma chi's, they do what they want. They get to wear those blue vests too"

Frat star 1: " O ya, gamma chi's are hot in their blue vests"
by GX2k9 May 26, 2010
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